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All resources on this page are welcome to be used freely, with acknowledgement of Working Waters Trust.
A huge thank you to our intern, Kelly Body, for her amazing work for producing the art resources.

Canterbury mudfish (Kowaro) - habitat creation guide for community

Are you looking for some tips on how to create good habitat for Canterbury mudfish- maybe for a translocation project, or you have some already on your property? Here's a guide by Working Waters Trust that hopefully can get you started. Feel free to get in touch to discuss with us as well- we are a friendly bunch!

Thanks to Hamish Hamilton from View Hill School for the great artwork on the cover. 

Dot to dot- What have you got?

What's hidden in this image? Join the number from dot-to-dot to find out what it is. Hint- it's a stream creature!

Christmas card craft

Give your friends and family a uniquely kiwi Christmas card, with this one featuring our native whitebait species giant kokopu and banded kokopu- Catch is you have to colour it in yourself!

Whitebait - what are they really? Colouring in sheet

New Zealand whitebait are the young of five species of galaxiid. Here are the adults, that look quite different from each other when they grow up! Research online what they each look like, and colour them in.

Puppets - Make your own freshwater fish friend!

​Print out these puppet outlines in A4 or A3. Paint, colour or decorate to your desire, then stick onto card and cut out. Complete the puppet by attaching it to a stick, then already for your own puppet show.

Nocturnal colouring-in sheet

When the sun goes down and the moon and stars are out, many of our freshwater friends come out of hiding. Colour in this fun night-scene from an atypical New Zealand stream.

Wonderous wetlands colouring-in sheet

Ever wondered what was under the water in a wetland, as well as what you can see above? Give this wetland colouring-in sheet a go!

Watery word search

Have fun finding these words, and pondering what they mean. If you don't know- look them up!

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