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  • Sophie Allen

Homes for our Urban Eels - World Fish Migration Day 2018

Pretend urban eel home / tuna townhouse

World Fish Migration Day was celebrated in Christchurch right next to the Ōtākaro Avon River at the bustling

Margaret Mahy Playground. Working Waters Trust was there, along with many other fascinating stalls showing live fish, a fact-finding treasure hunt, and learning how to be a stormwater superhero.

We had a fake stream, complete with it's very own hydropower station and a 'big mamma' longfin eel made out of recycled stockings. Kids got stuck in to move elvers (young eels) up above the dam, or moving the big mamma migrating eel down past the dam. We also had branches, rocks and blocks for them to make pretend 'tuna townhouses'- to give eels home in our urban streams where they can hide from birds and larger eels. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the stalls, or who came along to learn about our FFF - Fantastic Freshwater Fish!

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