• Sophie Allen

Rare freshwater mussel hunting

Even when on holiday in Golden Bay, Projects Manager at Working Waters Trust, has the freshwater bug. A very rare species of freshwater mussel is currently only known from one pond/stream near Onekaka, but has museum records of being found in a larger area on the Western side of Golden Bay. Sophie has been out looking for samples with her dad, and has just sent some to a specialist at Te Papa who is able to tell them apart from the common freshwater mussel species found around most of the country- fingers crossed we have found a new site or two!

UPDATE March 18: Te Papa has confirmed we have found two new sites for the rare mussels-with a grand total of 3 known waterways now. Probably more out there to be found next summer. Fantastic news!

#freshwatermussel #kakahi #Onekaka #TePapa


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